Photography at first was a fascination. At the end of my 1st year of art college I had the opportunity to apply for a competitive photography degree. I didn't get in, but it didn't stop my fascination with the medium.
For a while, I was practicing other creative outlets. My professors where impressed with my digital media based artworks. My determination to make something profound with my computer arts practice led me to apply for a Master's degree at a different city. In my Master's, I learned about entrepreneurship in the technology realm. I was surrounded by incredibly smart colleagues, and we each learned from one another through collaboration. By the end of the program, we were a harmonious band, even if it was bittersweet short.
I moved back to my hometown after finishing the program. I wanted to stay and make a new life there, but sometimes you're hit with unforeseen setbacks, forcing you to make tough decisions. I felt the lowest I could ever feel back at home, thinking about the what-could-have-been. What kept me hopeful was my 5 megapixel flip phone and my penchant for creation. The phone as a camera wasn't much, but it gave me something to work with.
I upgraded my flip phone to an Iphone. The image quality was better, thinking this was perhaps the best I could do with my photography. I had other, more immediate, passions to look after. On top of that, I was involved in performance art. The month after I moved back, I was invited to perform at a big arts event with a group of my closest mentors. I'll just say that the title of the piece was called "All Night Breakfast".
An acquaintance messaged me unexpectedly a couple days after my birthday. He'd known my interest in doing a practicum at the Banff Centre, which he had been doing for a year already. He said there was a position available, and if interested I had 2 days to apply. Looking at the requirements, I thought there was no chance I was getting in. A month later, I was packing my things to move to Banff. It's interesting how life's currents can take you to unexpected places if you allow it.
My year in Banff was another highlight of my twenties. I came there not really knowing what to expect, but I wanted to be open to new experiences that came forth. Thinking about it now, that is how I've always approached life, with awe looking out towards the horizon of possibilities. I made some close friends. We did a lot of activities together and regarded each other as complete equals. We bonded closer while knowing that each of us will eventually go our separate ways. Banff had always been a temporary dream, and I was one of the first to leave.
I had picked up my first actual camera in Banff. It was a Fujifilm X-T10. The exterior looked like an old film camera, but it was completely digital; it was a beautiful piece of industrial design. The moment I put my hands on it, potential surged through me like electricity. I took photos of everything without fully comprehending my intentions or the subjects I was taking photos of. In a sense, my intuition guided my creativity.
Life after Banff came with ups and downs. I was let go from a job a couple months after moving back home. I had to face malevolence once more, while in the process of moving to a new place. Life seemed more challenging than it should. I would remember how easy I had it as a child, imagining how it would feel to go back to that flavor of life.
Living closer to downtown, I met new friends. Almost my entire young adult life had been about moving away from my origin in pursuit of new growth. I did not expect to be in the same place I was 5 years ago, but I've realized now I'm always growing despite. I know I'm smarter and wiser than before, and I'm grateful for that. My new friends are also very cool and I love hanging out with them. Life can hand you surprises if you let it.
The future continues to be this horizon of possibilities. I'm still in awe and terror of it, but I have no choice but to move forward. For now I'm writing this extensively long "About Me" so I can finish my photography website. I know something will come of it. All it takes is trying.
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